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Inclusive, Diverse, and Engaging Training Solutions—Tailored to Meet Your Needs

At Culture STEPS, we redefine "people development" into an engaging, fun, and dramatically different experience. We offer various training options, including on-site, hybrid, or virtual sessions tailored to meet interpersonal and organizational needs. Before starting our theater-based training, we engage in a crucial assessment and collaboration phase to pinpoint your specific needs and desired outcomes. Utilizing professional actors, specialized trainers, and evidence-based strategies, we bring the learning experience vividly to life.

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Culture S.T.E.P.S


At Culture STEPS, we adhere to five key steps with every client, whether they are new or returning. This structured approach allows us to create and deliver evidence-based, comprehensive, engaging, innovative, and enjoyable learning experiences. The most rewarding feedback we receive is when learners tell us that it feels like we truly understand.

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Before we initiate any theater-based training, we assess and collaborate with you to identify needs and the specific outcomes you aim to achieve through the training. We refer to this essential preparatory phase as our survey time.

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We develop customized training content and experiential programs that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of your team, ensuring relevance to their daily work using interactive, theater-based methods and tools that cater to diverse learning styles.


Utilize engaging techniques like scenario-based simulations and role-playing to provide evidence-based actionable strategies, boost participation and knowledge retention, while keeping the team motivated by emphasizing the training's benefits and its relevance to the real-life situations they face on the job.

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Offer opportunities for practical application of learned skills in a facilitated and supportive environment, where continuous feedback helps enhance learning and ensure skills transfer effectively to real-life situations requiring decision-making under pressure.


Ensure long-term retention of skills and knowledge through follow-up coaching sessions, refreshers, and ongoing support.


Blurred emergency in hospital

Calm in the Storm:

Addressing Challenging Behaviors

Diverse group of men talking

Restorative S.T.E.P.S

Debriefing Challenging Behavioral Events

Smiling African Doctor Standing in a Hospital with His Staff

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI) in Action: Building Inclusive Culture

Diverse Group Of People

Positivity Pulse:

Uplifting Hacks for your Team

Diverse Group of Women Talking

Constructive Connections:

Peer-to-Peer Support

Laughing team of diverse businesspeople working together on a laptop

Wellness Ward: Building Resilience

Vulnerable mid adult man talks in group therapy meeting


“I will be able to draw on what I've learned here. I will remember this better than anything I've learned online or read in a book.”

-Casey W.

Please come back. That's all I have to say. I learned so much from your team and my peers. The actors were phenomenal.

-Mary H.

“Thank you to you and the team for an amazing day of learning (and fun). I didn't know what to expect, but I am so happy I attended. I learned so many valuable lessons.”

-Heather G.

“EDI is the New Black: Lead the Market with Diverse Teams” is hailed as one of the top 4 Books to Reach Your Full Potential at Work and in Life”

-S. Gibbons | Forbes

“Dealing with disruptive patient and visitor behaviors needs to be taught this way. I was actually able to participate in a conversation and use my skills. This is a better way to learn.”

-Robert P.

“Thank you for an absolutely super presentation! We have moved on with implementing the steps.”

-Yale Health

“I'm going to ask my manager to do this again. These difficult conversations need a different type of training. This is it. I will always be a fan.”

-Phil L.

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Diversity that makes the team work

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