Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) learning that is dramatically different.

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“A Straightforward Playbook”

"Unlearning inequity is a challenging prospect, one that many organizations put off because it seems so overwhelming and they can’t see the payoff. EDI Is the New Black is a straightforward playbook that doesn’t require a human resources certification degree to make sense and won’t try to teach you a vast new vocabulary. It’s a no-nonsense guide to repair previously invisible wounds and strengthen your organization from within."


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In this unique and interactive theater-based presentation with standardized patient actors, participants uncover disparities in patient experiences, healthcare delivery, and outcomes, while engaging with the group to create strategies and interventions that provide a more positive and equitable patient experience for all. This is a must for DEI teams and healthcare providers.

Man in Blue Sweater Sitting Beside Woman in Gray Blazer
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“While many companies have provided diversity training, they still can lack real substantive actions for change. As she explores the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, it’s clear that she provides just that. It is truly a real world playbook that isn’t all talk.”

-Amanda Z.

“Thank you for an absolutely super presentation! We have moved on with implementing the steps.”

-Yale Health

“Pure genius for anyone trying to build a successful and efficient team. EDI is the New Black takes complex challenges that all leaders face and breaks them down so simply and practically.”

-Destiny C. | RN

“EDI is the New Black: Lead the Market with Diverse Teams” is hailed as one of the top 4 Books to Reach Your Full Potential at Work and in Life”

-S. Gibbons | Forbes

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